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10% Discount through August 31, 2010 (see below)

Because I am awesome I decided it was important that Rob and Otto had matching bowties for Christmas this past December. (Side note: because he is less awesome, Rob won't let me show a picture of him in a bowtie on this blog.)

I went online and all of the commercial sites that offer these sets were just not doing it for me - boring, boring, boring. So I turned to Etsy and found the wonderful shop Me and Matilda. They quick-created a matching bowtie set for my guys, were so accomodating, and had a huge huge selection of the cutest neckties and bowties I had ever seen (99% of which are not holiday-inspired).

As you can guess from the picture above of my soooper-sleepy guy, the matching bowties were the hit of the holiday season!

You will lose yourself in the wide variety of cool neckties and bowties! Styles range from hipster, to cutesy, to classy-classic and they are very reasonably priced (in the $20-$30 range based on materials).

More about Me and Matilda and our exclusive discount:

- Neckties
- Bowties
- Custom orders (so you can get a matching father/son set)
- Ring bearer sets including matching pillow
- Flower girl sashes
- Wedding party sets
- Tie and hanky sets

Sizes range from baby/toddler (with neckstrap) to standard adult.

Exclusive! Just mention "TidbitsParenting 10% Discount" with your purchase. Your paypal account will be refunded 10% of the total price.



Brittany said...

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I have a giveaway for a necklace going on right now and I am having a big baby shower event with lots of baby gear giveaways in July.

Abby Green said...

tooo cute!!!

HSUper Parents said...

The ties are just too cute for little boys! Would be perfect for our baby boy-to-be!