I Want Me Some Sugar Boogers

You know you're a mom when a set of sippy cups ends up on your "Oh my god I would seriously love that" wish list (or when a 2 foot tall person points at your chest and says 'beebas' and you reply 'that's right I have boobies').

That happened to me recently on a rare brunch date with my husband (not the boobies thing, although that would have been a better story to tell since Otto wasn't with us). Hahaha, I crack myself UP. Anyways, we visited a neat little restaurant with a hip little gift shop and I spied with my little eye this Dia de los Muertos sippy cup set.

I turned to Rob and said, "Oh my god I would seriously love that." And he said, "coooool." Which means the opposite of cool.

Made by the company Sugar Booger by O.R.E. these sippy cups aren't just freaking cool looking, they're also non-toxic with a BPA-free lid. The company's website states that all of their melamime and vinyl-related products are non-toxic and lead-free according to US, Euro, and Canadian standards.

You can order these from their website: oreoriginals.com or find a local retailer in your area from their site.

Cool. And that means Fonzie cool.



Megan Hines said...

These are so cool! Were you at Blue Willow?

OT and ET said...

It was Blue Willow :) Mimosa and homemade raisin toast! Yum!

Jen said...

They are quite cool. The Blue WIllow gift shop does carry some nice stuff. I would like to find a sippy cup that looks like the "we are happy to serve you" NYC coffee cup, aka the Law & Order cup.

OT and ET said...

Ooh, I like it... it could come with matching Sam Waterston false eyebrows (milo would look so cute) :)

MichaM said...

I think these are WAY cool :) I actually saw the spill mat with the same pattern on mamabargains.com and kept waiting for it to come up again...may just place a direct order with ORE...