Mummy Tummy October - Workout Maniacs!

This month's MummyTummy is hosted by (in abc order):

- Jenny from Jenny Loves This (Twitter @Jenny_LovesThis)

- Tracy from Sweet Harper (Twitter @SweetHarper)

- Wendy from Kiboomu (Twitter @Kiboomu

And then me. Please check out each of these ladies' sites! They are awesome gals & amazing mompreneurs!

#MummyTummy is an online workout club for moms (or anybody) on Twitter that I launched back in July. You will be sent 4 dedicated #mummytummy tweets per day - each one a reminder to do a set of 20 crunches, situps, or whatever ab workout you're comfortable with.

Introducing #MumBum
Jenny from Monkey-Toes Shoes, co-host this month, a creative genius and one of my favorite Twitter friends, suggested we switch it up by alternating days. One day abs, the next, SQUATS! That's right, the dreaded squats, deal with it whiner, and you'll be glad you did! You can thank Jenny for your soon-to-be-firmer butt by following her on Twitter here.

Introducing #AnistonArms
Every now and then we may ADD arm exercises to your #mummytummy or #mumbum by adding the hashtag #anistonarms. Because, I mean come on, who doesn't want arms like hers? Feminine doesn't have to mean wimpy!

Let's Get Physical!

In honor of #MummyTummy and #MumBum October I'd like to veejay a song for you. Otto and I were dancing to this today and it is just so fun and gets me in the mood to be physical, strong and get moving!

Sign up For MummyTummy October! Do it. Do it.
Just comment below with your Twitter name and from October 1 through 31 one of us will tweet you 4x a day! And don't stress it, we're all busy with lives, there's no penalty for skipping a set or a day. This is just a fun way to motivate each other and even make new Twitter connections.

Workout Maniacs!


Monkey Toes said...

i'm in! (obviously)

OT and ET said...

Haha, Jenny! Noted, and yay! I'm signing myself up now, too!

OT and ET said...

And this one on behalf of Ms. SweetHarper <3

OT and ET said...

And this one on behalf of Ms.Kiboomu !

Eileen said...

Sign me up! @BringUpBee

Ellia C. Naturals said...

Count me in, ladies! (AKA: ElliaCNaturals) :)

Linz said...

Oh yes PLEASE!

MojoMama said...

Heck yes! I'm in again for Month #4!! Yay! @MojoMamaBlog

frugal mommy said...

I would love to be a part of this AKA: frugal_mommy

Unknown said...

She is sadistic and sweet...#mummytummy

Now that I have had my nap today it is time for a cinnamon roll - hormones, sweet hormones!

Lauren said...

Just had a baby, so this mommy's tummy needs some mummytummy lovin'! @lbreinhardt

OT and ET said...

On behalf of @melissamtobin

Rajean Blomquist said...

Puttin' my best booty in..and shakin' all about! @rajean

Anonymous said...

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