21 and Over, I Need a Cocktail

Today is Otto's 21 month birthday. I'm actually super melancholy about it. Wait, I mean I'm HAPPY! Wait, I mean I really am happy. Every day with this precocious, weird, awesome, hilarious, and (imho) gorgeous child is my happiest moment on the planet.

Yesterday he was pretending to eat his wooden trains and then poop them out, complete with fart sounds. I died laughing. My child = comedy genius!

[sorry so blurry... Otto = constant motion]

But the melancholy is real too. How was he still inside my fat stomach, sharing mint chocolate chip ice cream with me just 2 years ago? How was he a sweet little glob of butterball goo, just barely crawling, 1 year ago? I feel like I'm going to turn around and he'll be off to prom or offering to buy me a drink at the [insert cool band name] show (because yes in 19+ years Otto is going to think I'm so cool he'll want to go to all the cool shows with me and buy me drinks).

Is time going to keep flying like this? Or does it slow down as they get older? I want to put my fingers together like Evie on "Out of This World" and just freeze here for a little while. Just freeze him and hold him and stare at him and preserve each second because he changes and grows so much every single day. ::sigh::

But I really am happy.



luv2beanana said...

Oh my gosh. He is so adorable. Let's stop time right here and keep him just like this. He loves his nana and pa and I know in 19 years he will just think we are old and no fun anymore. sniff, sniff, tears falling.

Mommy Darnell said...

Happy Monthly Birthday Otto!!!

Alana said...

O is GORGEOUS! And I hear you on the growing to fast. I feel that way and Baby D is only 8 months old! I am trying to enjoy and take in every single moment because they do go so fast. You are so lucky and blessed to have a happy, healthy, beautiful little guy!
And the fact that you even mentioned Evie and remember this show is why I love you! I died! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!

OT and ET said...

Thank you, guys! Yep, every day is a joy and an adventure and it's the awesomest thing to be a part of and I feel it slipping by so fast! A big mess of emotions = me :)

Monkey Toes said...

you are so right! it goes by so darn quick! i am already getting ready to shop for bras with my 10 year old (she's flat chested and doesn't need one, but it's that right of passage thingy).

He is so darn cute!!

I am trying to cherish the third one, though this time seems to go even faster than the first two. With the first kiddos you want them to walk, talk, complete all the milestones on time or before. I think the more you have, the more you want to swaddle them forever and keep them baby-like as long as you possibly can. ugh!

OT and ET said...

Oh, Jen, I hear you! Even with Otto (an only) now that he's pretty much outgrown all the baby stuff I'm ready to turn back time and swaddle him for just a while longer (like 3 to 4 years longer). We aren't allowed to do that, are we?

And OMG bra shopping! Whoa. That does seem like the right age though, if memory serves. But 10? Sounds soooooo young! Wow, that is insane.

Kristin said...

My Otto just turned 18! Can't believe it. Attracted to your blog because our sons share the same old fashioned name. Mine is a Blondie too. Your Otto is a cutie.

OT and ET said...

Hey Kristin! A fellow "Otto's Mom" :) Yay! We are a rare club for sure! So glad you found me and omg I can't even imagine my Otto turning 18. Gulp. That must feel freaky. I'm going to go stalk you now, haha, hope you have a blog :)