i was thinking of calling this one "the gall" or "romancing the stones"

so just when i was all set to get back on this blog horse and ride, i end up feeling crazy sick for a few days and then wake up Tuesday morning at 1am like this...
and my hair really didn't even look that good. that fun lasted until about 9am. ugh.

so after a day at Urgent Care, 3 liters of IV, and an exhaustive round of ultrasounds on the ole belly it turns out i have a big cluster of gall stones, plus my gall bladder is all jacked to heck. i'm officially a hot mess.

anyways, it looks like i get to have gall surgery sometime pretty soon to remove the kit and caboodle. in the mean time i'm on an everything-restricted diet that's centered on oatmeal, avocadoes and blueberries for the next few weeks.

has anyone else gone through this? recipe ideas are greatly appreciated. as are any other coping tricks. i'm just trying to fend off another attack until i can consult with the surgeon at the end of the month. they said if it happens again in the meantime i have to go into the ER for emergency surgery. no bueno.


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