where a kid can be a kid

there is a litmus test you can use to determine if your kid is officially a kid (and not an alien and definitely no longer a half baby/half toddler). the test --> take them to Chuck E. Cheese. if they run around like a chicken on 4 Loko for three hours, scarfing pizza, dancing, and throwing a pirate's bounty of tokens into blinky machines that spit out tickets you can use to buy plastic slinkies and temporary tattoos? you've got a kid. if they try to shoot you with a raygun? throw a cup of water on them! aliens hate that. so sayeth Mel Gibson.
my "kid". or should i say my "kids"...
can i just tell you how sad i was to not get to partake in this pizza? like drooling-out-my-tears level 10 (on a scale of 10) sadness. stupid gall bladder motha effa! and then like three lines worth of this %$+!@!!!!!!!. Chuck E Cheese's pizza is a new-and-improved recipe too... and the boys had no qualms about eating it in my face either, jerks. love em, but come onnnnn! cut mama a break. buy her some shoes. give her a backrub. something.
ok, the fact that Otto wanted to ride this carousel 5 (five!) times in a row? that kinda equals a backrub for my soul.
and whenever he legitimately won tickets -- this is kind of a funny thing, because on a lot of the games you just throw a token in, some contraptiony thing happens, and then random tickets spit out -- but whenever Ot legitimately won tickets, like above, he was so proud he would grab his tickets and run all the way across the restaurant to the stage and show Chuck E! omggggggg it was the cutest -->
unfortunately, Mr. Cheese was resting a lot of the time and wouldn't look. haha. Ot didn't seem to mind.

we had so much fun! and my kid got to be a kid (remember when that was the Showbiz Pizza motto?). i used to have a Showbiz album i got on my birthday and i would play it over and over and over again and sing along in this deep bear voice, "Happppy Happpppy Birthday Babeeeeeeee" to my little record player. the hot thing to collect back then was little plastic charms and i used my tickets to buy an Oreo charm with a bite taken out of it and another charm of a tube of lipstick. ack, remember charms!!!???

note: lucky ducks that we are, we were given a complimentary meal and tokens in exchange for my writing an honest post about our experience and the new pizza recipe at Chuck E. Cheese's. the opinions stated are mine all mine. 

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