"i'm gonna wash you like a train"

otto was using a dishtowel to "wash" our arms and faces this afternoon when he comes up with this gem. kids are so awesome.

in a mini-update on me... i'm having a hard time adjusting to the "gall stone diet" and feel pretty cruddy and tired. low-fat, non-dairy was like my life when we were vegan for 5+ years but that was almost 10 years ago. i'm ok with all the fruit but i miss butter... a lot. so who knows if my ol' we-just-moved doldrums are inching back in (stay back, you damn doldrums!) or if it's like a physical reaction to the whole gall situation but i just feel sleepy and cranky. also i am the proud owner of 2 new pairs of sweatpants, so you know those badboys are lulling me into a catatonic place (because new sweatpants are amaaaaaazing!).

some really fun posts are on the way though. we took Otto to Chuck E. Cheese this weekend and he was hilarious. and then today i took him to a raptor (like owls, eagles, hawks) sanctuary center and it was pretty neat and woodsy. he really loves snow owls but vultures? he doesn't trust em for a minute! also my friend sarah made us some pickles and i wanna show you pictures because that's freaking awesome (gift me with pickles, i'll love you forever).

hope everyone is good. i promise to stop cuddling with my george washington book soon, but for tonight, it's me and the patriotic hottie with wooden teeth, all the way til my 8:30 bedtime. ::yawn::


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