baby, baby, i'm taken with the notion...

on friday, march 9, at 3:49 am we welcomed this most precious bundle of 8lb, 6oz perfection into our family...
hello Loretta Cecille! i cannot stop cuddling, holding, cooing, staring, snuggling, and otherwise loving you.

those of you who follow me on the twitter or my personal facebook know the first 3 days following Loretta's birth were pretty scary. i just wanted to thank you all for your love, thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. she is doing wonderfully now, we are home sweet home, and we just got follow up bloodwork done this morning which should show (i'm anxiously awaiting a phone call as we speak) that she is continuing to thrive. for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about, i'm so sorry, things have been crazy, and i am hoping to have more time soon to sit down here and write out Loretta's birth story. in the mean time, i just wanted to share her sweet little face with you all. she looks so much like big brother did as a newborn!


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