family outings

it's spring break around our crazy little house with Otto's preschool taking the week, Rob's school taking the week, and myself and Loretta enjoying our maternity leave. i love that we can all be together this week. it feels like a little family vacation. amazingly (cuz we are so amazing), we were brave enough to leave the house as a family twice in the past two days... and i hope to get out every day this week to give Otto some fun outings and (wishful thinking) get a little sunshine on my pasty pale face.
this is us at CostCo yesterday and lordy, lordy we did some DAMAGE. intentional damage. i wanted to stock up Y2K style so we wouldn't have to make as many small trips to the regular grocery and honestly to save a little dough in the long run.

it was awesome. although i hesitated to show this picture. dudes, i look as tired as i feel but i didn't realize i looked so tired! on the short list of to-dos in the next week or so is hair dye, hair cut, and get some sunshine on my poor pale face. yeek.

here is someone way better looking... shades thief! cowboy extraordinaire!
today's outing was a picnic lunch at the park with this starlet who boldly told anyone who would listen, "i used to be three but now i'm three and a quarter!"  and then shook his walking stick at them :)

AND! it was actually sunny today. AND! when the clouds weren't in the way, it was even warmish. BUT! mostly it was cloudy, windy, and cold.

Loretta (who is quite vocal about her general dissatisfaction, haha! she is so mellow but so impatient too and goes from zero to furious all the time, then back to zero as soon as we fix whatever she is upset about, usually hunger) is four score against chilly wind, it turns out. even when bundled up snug in a moby wrap, if even the tinyest gust of chilly wind eeked in she let out a howl of sheer anger. she is quite the bossy pants, guys! i love it! i love how different she is from how Otto was (although i recall he seriously had a bone to pick with wind too) and i love that she is a demanding little grouch and a sweet snuggly cuddle bug all at the same time.


i've been really terrible about taking pictures but i seriously promise to be better. i know i'll regret that i'm not going picture crazy right now. but i just feel so "in the moment" 24/7 lately that it's been hard to remember to bring out the cam. i need to though. seriously.

is it anyone else's spring break right now? are you enjoying family time? good weather? hopefully better weather than us! boo rain! well anyways, i wish you all loads of sun-shiney family time this week.

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