eleven things and eleven more things!

if you read-a the mommy blogs you'll know that this "eleven things" business is the hottest thing since Adam Levine in a grandpa sweater on The Voice last night. so when i was tagged by Amanda and Rebecca to participate, you know i totally didn't want to... because these kinds of things actually really intimidate me. but then rebecca was really demanding about it (jerk, love her) so here goes...

the rules...
- post a random picture of yourself
- list 11 random things about yourself
- answer 11 Qs about yourself
- ask 11 new Qs
- smile, don't stress, have fun (i added this for my own benefit, not sure if it worked)

a random pic...
i just took this for this post. this is me hanging out at home, waiting to go into labor (yawn! no.. wait! what was that? oh wait, nevermind, yawn!). i put on mascara for you people. however, i did not make the bed.

eleven random things...

1. when i was a kid i used to chew the collars of all my shirts (cool right?) until one day when i was about seven i was wearing a yarny sweater and chewed it "just so" so that it made this awful high-pitched squeaking sound in the back of my head. gag gag gag gahhh! instantly cured me of the chewing habit but after that i could not wear, touch, or really even think about yarn without gagging for years and years until i was about 15 and fell in love with Eddie Vedder. compelled to buy second hand cardigans, i somehow overcame my yarn aversion. how's that for an overcoming-challenges story?

2. i have this thing with microwaves where the amount of time has to either be a number repeated or a number sequence. So 1 minute = 55 seconds, 2 minutes = 2:22, 3 minutes = 3:21, 4 minutes = 3:45, and so on. i swear this has never affected the quality of the results!

3. my favorite cocktail is a super dirty vodka martini

4. i have the ugliest feet i've ever seen on a girl. fred flintstone to the max. it's such a shame.

5. i wish nicole richie and rachel zoe were my friends. that would be so fun.

6. this january i will have been married for 15 years! we were babies! when i met rob i had a shaved head and wore giant tshirts and dickies as a uniform. somehow he saw past all that. he's still my best friend after all these years (awwwww).

7. yes to Cookie Crisp! (but rarely - like once every 2 years - do i let myself have it because what happens gets really ugly, really fast)

8. let's go karaoke! who's in?

9. my nose only has half-nostrils (no joke, see)...
someday when i get old lady nose hairs it's gonna be a bad bad scene. nose fail!

10. i know all of the words to The Humpty Dance and can sing all 50 states in alphabetical order. if you are ever at a party with me and things get a little out of hand there is a good chance i will feel the need to prove these things to you

11. i challenge you to tetris!

eleven questions (courtesy of Rebecca) and answers...

1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before you go to bed?

drink water. i'm like that little girl from Signs with half-full glasses of water all over the house, always.

2. Are you what you wanted to be when you grew up?

all i ever wanted to be when i grew up was a writer, so kind of, because i get to do that at work and here on this blog. but not really in the same sense as my childhood dreams. someday i'd love to write a novel or children's books.

3. If you could go anywhere for a vacation where would you go? What would you do?

greece. eat, drink and sunbathe.

4. If you had 30 seconds to get out of your house and you could never go back, what 5 items would you grab? (Assuming all people and/or pets got themselves to safety)

photo albums, this computer, ummmm... i honestly don't know what else! boxes and boxes of Otto's baby memorabilia?

5. Coke or Pepsi?

coke zero, ftw!

6. If you could stay one age for the rest of your life would you? What age would you be? Why?

probably a fitter, unpregnant version of this age (33). i feel like i'm old enough that people i respect can respect me back but i'm young enough to still be active and do pretty much any activity i set my mind to.

7. 80s Hair bands or 90s Grunge bands?

90s hands DOWN

8. What is the soundtrack of your life?

i would like it to be Lou Reed "Perfect Day" or just Eddie Vedder singing anything while cuddling me.

9.  Are you a morning person or a night owl?

i'm always in a good mood, honestly. but have a hard time staying up late. so i guess morning.

10. What would your last meal be?

a chile relleno burrito enchilada style, restaurant corn chips, a vat of mashed avocados, another vat of sour cream, some popcorn chicken from sonic, pomegranate arils, strawberry rhubarb pie, lavender gelato, and a bottomless pint of pyramid apricot ale. and then some tums, haha.

11. What was your 
favorite show as a child?
The Littles. i was always so enchanted by the way they turned thimbles into cups and sardine cans with pencils tied to the sides into beds... and The Cosby Show.

eleven questions for YOU! 

(ps. i'm not going to tag anyone because i'm pretty tardy to the party but if you participate please let me know. i'd LOVE to read your eleven things post! if you already did one, i'd love to read that too.)
1. what's your favorite movie?
2. your celebrity crush?
3. your most glorious moment?
4. your most embarrassing moment that you're willing to share?
5. tv show you're still sad they cancelled?
6. how many pushups can you do? test yourself right now!
7. if you could change one physical thing about yourself?
8. best place you've ever traveled?
9. favorite place to clothes shop?
10. is there anyone you'd totally punch in the face, if you could?
11. if you could learn a new skill or go back to school what would it be for?

ok, now it's your turn! ps. this post took me forever to write and i'm still not in labor ::frustration::

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