one saturday morning...

we ended up having the nicest breakfast yesterday when i accidentally asked Otto if he wanted either (i) oatmeal or (ii) eggs and "pancakes" for breakfast. kill me; i meant to say toaster waffles. as soon as the p-word came out of my mouth i froze and turned slowly to stare at him in terror. choose oatmeal, choose oatmeal, boy! did you know this is a song? "pancakes! pancakes! whoa whoa whoa! i'm going to eat pancakes! whoa oh oh oh!" <-- yeah. that.

what started out as pancakes turned into a huge feast of a breakfast and just a super nice time. we're finally getting some sunny mornings around here and it feels so much cheerier to start the day with light! i can't tell you how excited i am for summer. more than i've ever been in my entire life. oregon will do that to you i guess.

we're going to put Otto in swim lessons this summer and spend as much time outside as humanly possible. we want to take a few day trips, go to the coast, visit our friends in Portland, and just enjoy the crud out of the summer months. whoot!

on a side, just to put it out there, Otto is suffering from terrible hayfever this spring. his poor little eyes are so poofy, some days he doesn't even look like himself. and his always sensitive skin has broken out in patches of psoriasis (which runs in my family). our pediatrician told us to give him 2-5mg of zyrtec which we just did for the first time this evening. fingers crossed that it works. poor dude's a hot mess :( we're also going to be wiping him down with a wet cloth every day after school and changing our sheets 2x per week instead of just once. any other tips or suggestions are welcome though, i feel so bad for my little dude. even though it doesn't seem to bother him as much as it bothers me to look at him all puffed up and rashy.

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