Christmas Q & A

Thank you, Allie for tagging me I LOVE THESE Q & As MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET! Here goes...

1. What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you and your family?
I miss my family, repeat, I MISS MY FAMILY!!!!!!! This year it's all about being together. Since we moved from Arizona to Oregon I have missed having our family around pretty much every minute of every day. Thank goodness for Skype but it's not the same as just casual togetherness. So I can't wait to visit AZ this year and see Otto and Loretta bonding with their cousins and basking in the love and attention they'll get from their Nanas, Papas, Uncles, and Aunts.

2. Were you told the truth about Santa by your parents or did you find out another way? And do you plan on lying to your kids? Oh yes I went there.
Kids at school broke the news to me when I was 6... then my parents had to beg me not to ruin Christmas for my little cousins because once you have this knowledge, as a six year old, you must inform everyone that you know, that you meet, that you see across the parking lot at the grocery store, share, share, share, share, share!!! Anyways, I'm about to bore you with my thoughts on this. I'm going to get mildly heavy, but whatever I'll make a little smiley face icon to lighten the mood :) Here is a fact: little kids live in a world of magical reality. They are illogical and bright eyed and imaginative and wonderful. They think that stuffed animals come to life. And that there are monsters in the closet but hopefully they are nice ones. They make stuff up and then believe it. Their imaginations are limitless and hopeful and wishful and wonderful. If you go poop on the idea of Santa then your kid is still going to believe all kinds of crazy stuff that isn't true during this time in their life when they can't tell the difference between memories they dreamed and those they lived. Taking Santa out of the equation just means your kids won't get to have that magical little thrill that goes up their spine on Christmas Eve night as they go to bed and imagine Santa Claus magically coming into their house and leaving special gifts just for them under the tree. They won't spy out the window looking for a sled and reindeer and thrill at the idea that they might catch a little glimpse. Boo! I want my kids to have those magic memories. I mean, all kids eventually grow out of believing in Santa but I don't think I've ever heard of an adult who was like, "man my parents really fucked me up in the head with that mad-ass Santa shit and I'll never forgive them for lying to me." Yeah, that doesn't  happen.

3. Real tree or fake tree?
Loretta would eat a real tree! We have a hot mess of a fake tree this year but I love it. Drinking coffee by the light of a Christmas tree is about the best thing in the world, isn't it???

4. Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas Eve, or both?
Rob's family has a tradition of opening a gift of Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve night and I love that so we'll continue that with our little family. Then the kids have exciting new jammies to wear that night and wake up in and everyone looks more spirited and charming the next morning in dapper jams.

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch? Favorite Christmas song to sing or listen to?
Love Actually is my absolute favorite favorite favorite. It tugs at every heartstring. It's sweet and funny and charming. I love all of the characters. I love it. Love. LOVE! And then for songs I really love the classics sung beautifully... like Silver Bells by Bing Crosby and Silent Night by Susan Boyle. Both of those bring tears, I get so overwhelmed by music, haha! I'm weird.

And then I'm adding one:
6. What's your favorite holiday food?
Oh, funny that you would ask this, self, because I have SO MANY! Food means so much this time of year, it brings back magic feelings and memories and is also just erghaghermmmmm. My favorite holiday dish is green bean casserole. I could eat it for miles. And on Christmas Eve I love that our families always host a soup and tamales dinner after church service. Tamales ball to the ball the bang the bang! And then sugar cookies with frosting also ball to the ball the bang the bang! As does pie.

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