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Currently around the Muth house we have been...

Watching my kids grow faster than I can even keep up with. More and more each day Otto is looking like a handsome little man and less and less the chubby cheeked baby. I think toddler skinny pants are partly to blame for this!

Look at that treasure map up there that he and his dad worked on. First they made it, then tore up and hid the pieces, then hunted the pieces and put it together to find their treasure! Who does that? So rad.

My little future treasure hunter/librarian (like that Noah Wiley made for TV character - I hope I am not the only one who has the knowledge of this taking up space in their brain) spent all yesterday afternoon making paper bookmarks (scraps really) and then going through all of his grande book collection and marking his "favorite" page in each.

And Loretta, well she just continues to kick the world's ass while taking names. Baby's newest thing is climbing up whatever she can grab to work on her standing and walking. And while I'm really happy for her (ahem) as she masters this new skill I am a little miserable for us (yes I am) as we enter this upwardly mobile stage of babydom. She is a go go baby and I am kind of in the mood for a squishy cuddle baby sometimes, if I'm being honest. I adore her fierce spirit and tenacity but I am also old and tired and old and tired and old! Ha!

Wishing for more time in the day, what's new there? Nuthin!

Waiting for the holidays and then ::blink:: it looks like they are here! We watched Charlie Brown Christmas with Otto last night. We let him stay up AND watch a video so he was pretty thrilled. It was pretty magical to see him delight in this Christmas tradition that I delighted in so much as a child and still do. ps. I really love when Lucy asks Charlie Brown if he has fear of cats and he says, "well sort of, but I'm not sure."

Wondering when our holiday vacation will ever get here! We will be visiting our families in Arizona and I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Worrying similar to little Charlie Brown I seem to be worried about everything, always. I wonder if this will ever go away? Ugh! Rats!

Today I am linking up with the sweet ladies Randalin and Wendy for their weekly Currently post. I'm also linking up with the lovely Colleen this week because I have been wearing miss Loretta wherever we go and Colleen hosts a baby wearing link up that I think is pretty neat. We got our Ergo in late summer and have loved it from the very first try. We used a couple of sling carriers with Loretta at first and they were too tight on her sensitive skin and caused her to have little blood vessel bursts in her legs (scary right?!). Then we were carrying her in a Bjorn carrier that we'd used with Otto. We never loved that carrier and it was no different this time around; our backs hurt and Loretta seemed discontent. Anyways, if you are interested in my recommendation for a baby carrier it is ERGO ALL THE WAY. Not sponsored, we just love it, so easy to adjust, so cozy for baby, and so cozy for me. We are in a walking neighborhood, and even with the rain we wear Loretta to the bakery, grocery, or park several times a week.

And how about you? What are you up to these days? Did you win Powerball? We did! Eight dollars! That's gonna get us outta quite a few jams. If you did win, big congrats! I have always thought you were the nicest, pretty, awesomest person and please remember that we are long lost relatives.

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