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So much style happening over here I can hardly breath. Except no. I totally wore the same outfit from Wednesday night through to yesterday afternoon and that was a long tshirt, maternity sweatpants, and a striped sweater (the same one I was wearing in last week's Life Style post). Maternity sweats when you aren't pregnant ftw! So that was the outfit of steel, 3 days strong, including showers... I just switched knickers (points for making underwear sound charming?) but I never wanted to stop wearing those snugly clothes. Thanksgiving and its 4-day weekend has been just what the doctor ordered. Lots of mellowing out with the kids, eating leftovers, taking walks in the rain, and even grownups taking naps! Friday afternoon we decided to decorate for Christmas except this year we voted against a real tree because Loretta puts every little crumb, dirt clod, dust bunny, and anything else thank you, into her mouth so we figured pine needles were not something we wanted to introduce into our space. Our little $20 tree from Target is about the flimsiest thing that ever happened so between only hanging large ornaments that won't double as choking hazards and only hanging ultra-light ornaments that won't bend the tree we have about 8 ornaments on the tree. Plus the lights on the tree that seemed like such an amazing after-holiday deal last year we realized were super cheap because they are for a flocked tree, so the chord is white, which means it stands out like crazy on a green tree.

In other words our tree is a hot mess.

Highlights: Loretta's little pinafore is from the local shop Whispering Willows: they have a booth at our farmers market which is where Nana went shopping and also an Etsy shop. On the tree... Every year since 1998 we have picked out one new ornament and this year two (one for each kiddo). This tradition ensures that when I hang up ornaments each year I turn into a sobbing, blubbering pool of sappy nostalgia tears and Christmas memories. This year hers is the winter elephant and his is the sparkly penguin. I wrote the year on them in sharpie. Lastly, we added this string install just this week where we can hang up Otto's art from school to display. I'm sure I got this idea from Pinterest but I don't know where or how. It was probably done in a more fancy way but we just tied craft twine to a couple of nails and hung the pictures with white paperclips. Total cost $3 and all supplies from Target. 

Life Style is a weekly feature I started last week. Each week I will also feature one person who participated in the previous week's link-up as well, and that person will get to choose who will be featured the following week. Last week Annie and her beautiful boys bedrooms were featured. Annie chose this week's featured from everyone who linked up.

This week's featured lady is the lovely Randalin from Harvesting Kale (selected images via this post link). Hers is one of my favorite blogs to read and I highly suggest you check her out. She is a fellow working mama and her adorable son, Kale, attends a Montessori school (as does my Otto) so I relate to her in many ways. She also likes educational crafts and projects, but really likes the ones that require little artistic ability. It's like we were separated at birth. And she dresses her little man with alllllll kinds of charm.

Can we just take a moment to admire those elbow patches and then another moment for yellow pants. Kale, you are a doll. Thank you for being my feature this week, Randalin!

Ok guys... Now it's your turn! I hope you participate, hurray! You can link up below to your recent style-related posts or style-related instagram pics. Randalin will choose one person from this week's links to be next week's "life style" feature. Yip!

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