let's all get our sheet together

Well I was going to call this "let's all get our shit together" but that sounded crass... but then I was just thinking that no one would realize what I was doing there now, in the title, because sheet? What? And now I've over-explained it (or did I?) and also --> no one cares. But here's what really matters: LORETTA IS FEELING BETTER.

Dudes? I have a tropical storm of a daughter and I absolutely love every undelicate hair on her powerful, demanding head but for reals, when she feels like hell, so does every person in a fifty food radius. This week all I want to do is recover from last week. We are so boring around here and it feels incredibly amazing. We will do laundry! Cook the meals on our meal plan for the week (boring meals, hurray!). We will file, recycle,tidy, and generally clear the house of the 50,000 bookmarks and torn paper treasures of the artist formerly known as Otto.

I may even indulge in a little potato-ing of the couch and dive into Downton Abbey. I have it on pretty great authority that it is, in fact, that good. 

I'm also really excited to read all of the posts from everyone who participated in Currently last week! So many!

And lastly, if you have a second, I have a little plug. Please head over to Brandy's lovely lifestyle and kids fashion blog Heart and Habit. I adore Brandy and have for a very long time. She's probably one of the first moms I really connected with via this blog world. She's stunningly beautiful, has great, understated street style, she's fit but also drinks way too much coffee, she uses the foul language just often enough to make me smile, and she adores her babies and dresses them like mini look books and takes ahhhmazing photos! Anyways, I was pretty flattered when this dynamo(m) asked me to participate in her Mom Time Out series (yay!) and I had a lot of fun putting together the perfect clothes and trappings for a fantasy day to myself, which is posted here. What do you think of my fantasy day? Amazing yes? I was even thoughtful with a math bath for the hubs because I'm super nice like that. ps. I for reals for realzzzzz want that Pendleton blanket! If blanket drool were a thing that is what I would have for that blanket.

Ok, I hope your sheet is all together this week too. Because potato chip high five!


Kate Pirouette said...

How have I managed to get this far in life without seeing Downton? So unfair! Glad L feeling better. We are drowning in germs, it's so dull!

Kate x
Just Pirouette and Carry On...

Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...

Woman. What are you doing showing me such an awesome blog? I have enough to read!

Also, your title works cuz Loretta is on pillows and blankets and probably SHEETS and things. Avoiding saying "shit" is why I say "ish" on the blog.

Anonymous said...

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