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These two 

I am trying to think of something sweet and meaningful and EASY and not expensive and yet fun and wonderful to do for these two for Valentine's Day. Ideas? What are your fun traditions? It's a weekday this year so making an ombre pile of pink to red, heart-shaped pancakes or anything like that is kind of off the table at Chez Muth. Loretta wakes up about two minutes before I leave for work in the morning, Rob about five minutes after, and Otto is a crap-shoot.  Maybe a special lunch with a special love note inside for Otto and then something fun in the evening for the fam? My thinking cap is on... I have been meaning to make homemade pop tarts for a while, perhaps this is the right moment to make heart-shaped ones the night before? I think it may be.

This weekend Otto is painting a Valentine's painting (pictured above) for his classmates. We'll take a photo of it today and have prints made for everyone in his class. We got some washi tape and puffy sparkle paint to decorate each print... they'll be craptastic and (hopefully) amazing.

This will be Loretta's first Valentine's. My little sweetheart. She is 11 months old! Pushing the boundaries of babyhood more and more every day.

And after what feels like many months of jam-packed crazy, this weekend has been pleasantly blah. We did a trip to Target, cleaned the house (a bit), made veggie tacos and playdoh pizzas, and walked around the block after dinner yesterday. Today will be for more cleaning, a fundraising walk in the park this afternoon, and maybe even finally cutting and dying my hair! So boring. So nice! Boring is so nice sometimes.

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