ready for spring and things

image via Made4uByMagic Etsy shop

How ready are we for Spring (plus loads of sunshine and minus the ever-present rain) around this house? We are all stir crazy with the inside but a few choice days lately have already allowed us to take an after-dinner walk around the block or spend some minutes in the front yard chalk drawing or kicking the soccer ball. Those outside moments are like a huge breath of fresh air. A restart! Being outside is so amazing. It's so funny how much it can improve your outlook and mood.

So... I am waiting a few more weeks and then we'll start our first real garden this Spring. The first one that has any hopes of turning out edibles, anyways. In Tucson our gardens withered and died again and again. I am looking forward to gardening in a place where it isn't an uphill battle. So we'll see how that goes. Because blueberries! I love the idea of my kids running around their backyard, perfectly at home being muddy and dirty, playing in the sprinkler, and picking fruits and veggies right from the garden (then me efficiently rinsing them off because squirrels have rabies) and gobbling berries and rhubarb and snap peas and carrots and whatever it is, fresh as you please, farm kids-style. Love it. If that is my fantasy then I think I deserve to get my wish, don't you?

ps. Look at this adorable collage Otto's Nana put together. Bask in the radness!

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