the project-per-month PROJECT month 2

Hey! Ok, here it is, the second (count em, two!) installment of this monthly thing we're doing called the Project-Per-Month Project. Welcome to a place where we are taking on manageable to-dos and getting them done, woohoo!

This pic is my May inspiration but as I mentioned before I found it on Pinterest and can't find the source, or I'd source the heck out of it. 

Project-Per-Month Project HOW IT WORKS... If you want to join in the fun, you totally should! Here are the rules...
  1. Pick a single, manageable project off your to-do list, just one.
  2. Decide, "I can do it!" ps. You really can. Yes you can!
  3. Give yourself goals.
  4. Give yourself a deadline: the end of the month.
  5. Give yourself a budget.
  6. Do it. Do it.
My April project was my living room mantel, with a goal of plants and finally printing pictures of Loretta since this house has five bazillion Otto pictures and like two Loretta ones. My budget was $50 (I came in at $52, so shoot me) and you can find a garbage-y "before" picture of my wreck of a mantel here. ::drumroll:: Here is the end result.

Yay! It feels so nice to sit in my living room and have a nice, bright mantel with pictures of my kiddos and some plants to bring joy and energy into the room. I'm really pleased with the results and super thankful to St. Vinnie's for all the treasures I found there on the cheap.

Now onto May (because cripes, it's freaking May already, how did this happen?)... My project for May is going to be our master bedroom. I won't shock you with horrific "before" pictures but let's just say it's a bad scene. I'm  giving myself goals of a new comforter set, a reading chair, a plant, and that the room look charming when it's done. My budget is going to be $100 plus whatever gift cards I get for my birthday because I'm going to ask for gift cards to help me with this project.

Ok, that's me, now you... First, did you do an April project? If you did, include a link to your post in the comments here so everyone can check you out. One person will be selected to receive a $20 gift card to their choice of Amazon or Target.

Will you be doing a May project? I'd love to hear about it! And we'll do another $20 gift card giveaway at the end of each month to help everyone support their Project-Per-Month Projects. Three cheers for productivity!

Oh ps. who knew I did so many giveaways? Yeesh and stay tuned... this blog needs some serious housekeeping. Coming up in the next week I'll be announcing the winner of the From My Hand to Your Art Etsy shop giveaway, announcing the winner of the Project-Per-Month Project April gift card giveaway, and posting a great $50 gift card giveaway to Uncommon Goods (do you love them? I love them!).

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Kate Pirouette said...

It looks great! Glad it's not just us with uneven photograph distribution....really must sort that before someone gets a complex!!

Kate x
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