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Currently is a weekly link-up with the lovely  Randalin of Harvesting Kale and I am her happy co-host each week. I hope that you can participate by writing your own Currently post (using the provided themes or your own) and please join us by linking up. What have you been admiring, caring, loving, cleaning, and creating this week? Over here, we have been...

Admiring Tim Gunn. He is kind of my hero. When I find myself frustrated with Otto ("psssst, four year olds are freaking craaaaazyyyyyytowwwwwwwn," she said in a super high pitched voice) anyways, during those moments and really just in dealing with people in general, I find myself thinking, "how would Tim Gunn handle this?" He's so eloquent, poised, caring, contemplative. I find things coming out of my mouth like, "I see what you mean, Otto. Smashing this box over and over with the pen might seem like a fun idea. My concern is, if you destroy the box we won't have a place to store the threading spools. Let's think of something else we can do that would be fun instead. What ideas do you have?" See what I did there? I Gunned it. WWTGD? I'm getting the bracelet.

Caring for my two sweet kiddos. Cop out answer? Maybe but it's really the focus of all my non-work time. Let's feed them nutritious things and keep mold from growing on them and exercise their brains and bodies and hope they take concurrent naps please and everyone stop making whine sounds because grrrr whine sounds!

Loving sunshine. Otto's summer ultra-blonde hair is starting to appear already. Etta looks freaking adorable in shorts. Sidewalk chalk is our daily thing. We eat tofurkey dogs on a blanket in the yard. Summa summa summatime is just around the corner! Oregon kills it in summatime. Heck yeah.

Cleaning sorry what? yeah, not so much.

Creating a nice mantel, did you see? And now creating a bedroom oasis, or at least starting to.

That was this week. Here are next week's themes: 
learning, gathering, giving, working, playing


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Mama said...

Sidewalk chalk is such a great idea. I'm sure Cole would love doing this on our driveway (since we have no sidewalks where I live!)