long weekend

We are in the middle of a nice loooong weekend with my parents visiting and the kids are being spoiled rotten by their nana and papa. So much time spent playing on the front stoop, taking walks for ice cream, drinking cup after cup after cup of coffee, and everyone napping when the kids nap because the kids are wearing everyone out. I have been high as a kite on cold medicine and am about ready to be done with this headcold already. On Saturday I'm pretty sure I was tripping at the mini-golf and pizza place (I took a dose of cough syrup before leaving and had a beer while there, and then all the pretty colors...). Fact: the mini golf place seems extra magical when you are drunk on cold medicine.

Sniffles and cough aside, it's just been magic to have my mom and dad here, doting on my kids. Loretta is getting to know them and is happily bossing everyone around. Otto is just in heaven with his best bud, Papa Mike. He has been downright rude, in fact, "I'm going to go ride my bike now. Just me and Papa Mike, no one else is invited."    

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