spring blog cleaning and announcing some winners

I used to always be that person who beat you to the restaurant, planned outfits the night before, kept plants alive... That fancy person! She had her ish together, what a powerhouse. Well she is buried around here somewhere under a garbage heap of laundry and dirty dishes and books and toys and oh there's my other flipflop! Oh wait, where's is my first flipflop again?

I've seen quite a few blogs lately doing these laundry lists of things they are up to and loving and I thought I would do one too and consider it a fresh start for spring. So here we go...


The random.org winner of the From My Hand to Your Art giveaway is Jaimee at Craft, Interrupted! Congrats, lovely Jaimee! I will reach out to you tomorrow to put you in touch with Kat about your prize you lucky lady.

You can get a 10% discount at From My Hand to Your Art using the code "OTANDETROCKS"

Everyone who did a Project-Per-Month Project in April was a winner ::wink to you doers for getting things done:: Dear everyone else, You should join us for the May projects!

The random.org winner of the $20 gift certificate for their April project goes to Rebecca at Musings of a Manic Mama. Congrats miss Rebecca! I will reach out to you about your prize as well, lady friend! Perhaps we can figure out a way to make yours an Ikea gift cert :)

I am enjoying the heck out of these warm-with-a-breeze summer evenings and letting my kiddos sleep in their undies. I wish I was rich! If I was I would buy my kids every color of these American Apparel undies to sleep in all summer long.

I made this lemon spaghetti with zucchini recipe (found on Pinterest) last week and it was absolutely great.

I found the bedding I want for my room but alas it is four bajillion dollars at Anthropologie. Wishing I was rich is the new skinny jeans.

Pyramid Apricot Ale is my favorite!

Still loving this brilliant marriage proposal. Whenever I need a smile it's my go-to video and has become one of my favorite songs.

Oh, I have a new giveaway coming up this week. To Uncommon Goods! We love them. I once interviewed to be a buyer for them, years and years ago when we lived in NYC. I always wish I hadn't wanted that job so bad because I was completely nervous and had a horrible interview. While there, though, they pointed out the apartment across the way to me and it was Hugh Jackman's apartment (and looked big and amazing) and then while walking to the subway on my shameful walk home I came across Maura Tierney walking a cute, old pug dog and I was like, "New York City you fancy town!"

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