a new york minute

First, I just have to say that Etta woke up at 4:30 this morning and just about cramped my bloggin' style but then, after demanding crackers and a waffle (carbers gonna carb) she just started playing away with the fridge magnets and she's happy as a clam and every time she drops one she says, "Uh oh!" which is, I think, her cutest new phrase.

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A few weeks ago I was whisked away on a 3-plus day whirlwind ladies weekend to New York City (where Rob and I lived in Astoria, then Bushwick, then Fort Greene years and years ago). It was a trip to see a gorgeous and hilarious group of ladies I used to work with who remain some of my favorite people on the freaking planet. I flew, I gossiped, I slept more than I ever get to sleep, I meatloafed, I visited my old office, I pounded the NYC pavement for about 1 hour, then I flew home again. Whirlwind! I took so few pictures it's stupid, but I swear I went! I did! Here are my pathetically few pics...
ready to fly
a city abuzz
a pop into The Strand (my husband designed all those dolls & mugs)
a pop into a kids boutique and a shirt I want to try making at home for my little Batman fan
NYC shop windows are so great
Union Square is really pretty in the fall
another view from Union Square
taking a cab to the airport already
a last view of the tunnel before leaving the city

And there you have it. I totally failed to take pictures of the ladies I love, or the meatloaf, or my friend Jennifer's gorgeous new home, or of the greatest karaoke night of all time. I have this problem where I usually completely fail to take pictures of the important stuff because I'm doing it, living it. But I swear those things all happened and it was just a soul lifting energy boost for this yawny, tired mama.

I just love how you can pick back up with certain people like no time has passed at all. And how time turns the best of friends, the real keepers, into family.

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