Otto at Four and Three Quarters

Otto is sneaking up on five. It seems to me that every time my kids get one day older I scream, "How did this happen?!" But then I look up and five is on the horizon. Five? I mean, how the eff did this happen?! Five magic years...

It's super important to Otto that you're crystal clear, he's four and three quarters.

He finally remembers that his birthday is January first, but can't always remember if he "had school today." Ha.

He's obsessed with growing his hair out, "like Mick Jagger." This is probably the first time I've ever had to eat my wants. Release control. Pick a battle, or however you want to say it. He looks mangy to me and I am just thankful that his straw straight hair is finally past the point where it's growing right into his eyes. But I also get a feeling that he craves a little more control of his destiny, lately. So if rock star hair is what he needs to feel like a badass, I guess that's an easy enough one to let him have. I asked him the other day, "When will you ever let us cut your hair again?"

"I will cut my hair the day before I die."

He plays Lego Batman on xbox with his dad. He plays turbo chess every night before bed. He loves Royals by Lorde and Squirrels in my Pants by Phineas and Ferb (a show that he isn't even allowed to watch, I think it's too sassy) and Satisfaction by the Stones. He asks to rock out in the car and when I peek back there he's playing air guitar and his cool guy hair is tossing all around as he jams out.

He makes me smile every single day. He also makes-a me crazy. He really can't get no satisfaction these days. He's always on the take. What else can he get out of any deal? And the moping around, omg haha. Have you seen Paul Rudd in Wet Hot American Summer?

It's like that. Ha.

He is my heart. He is my sunshine. He is so hilarious and so smart and so sweet hearted. I see him struggling with new emotions lately, like the yearning for fairness. Also with sadness, lately this has come up a few times when a buddy at school isn't cool to him. It breaks my heart. We're entering into harder years, here, with five. As a mom, it's scary business. I just want to protect him from everything that's out there. But I know that wouldn't really be doing him any favors. So instead, I will have the joy of watching him grow up a little more every day. Into an amazing guy. And I'll make it my business to help him learn to cope with all the unfairness and uncoolness that's out there, to be a great person with a moral compass and strong values. I can't wait to see who he becomes, because right now he is the coolest little guy in the world.

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