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Currently is a weekly link-up that I happily co-host with  Randalin ♥ of Harvesting Kale each week. We hope that you can participate by writing your own Currently post (using our themes or your own) and please join us by linking up. What have you been dreading, anticipating, thankful, watching, choosing this week? Over here, we have been...

Dreading my annual "fall cough" which has set in and MEH! I hate it. Everyone can just stop side-eyeing me right this second. I am not sick, thanksomuchforsprayingmewithLysol. I am like the ever-weakly-coughing person in the room. Super cough drops and medicine ease it a bit but it's just this chronic thing that happens this time every year and takes like a month to figure itself out. I have consumption? Yes. I am a tragic heroine. Like of the Edith Wharton variety, obvi.

Anticipating getting some things checked off the list this weekend! My project-per-month PROJECT is going nowhere fast because the thrift store gods have been pooping on my every effort to find a decidedly narrow AND cool tallboy for this catch-all corner of my kitchen. This weekend I'm going to try TJ Maxx and a couple of used furniture places and up the budget if need be. I'm starting to realize that not having a garbagey junk corner in my kitchen has become more important to me than I thought it would. We are also getting the kids Halloween costumes assembled and you guys, Otto's is going to be epic. That's the tease. Just wait! He thought of it himself and it makes me die laughing.      

Thankful for my wonderful family and friends. I don't want to brag or anything but I am surrounded by the most rad people in the world. I just wish we lived a hell of a lot closer to most of them than we do. Our Arizona weekend reminded me. I knew it would, and it did.

Watching Etta talk. In the past week she has added fish, pretty, elephant, boat, and Cookie Monster to her roster of words. Amazing! And with every new word she seems to be a much more light-hearted little lady. Not surprising, she has a lot of opinions and now she can start sharing them. That would certainly take the edge off. Also Watching Otto get the knack of sounding words out and reading/spelling things. He is doing this thing now where it's like, "If bat is b-a-t then cat is k-a-t and rat is r-a-t and mat is m-a-t." And we are like, "You are awesome!!!!!"

Speaking of awesome, Rob captured this moment which will be re-shown to every girlfriend forever and ever and eventually played at the wedding (volume mandatory):  http://distilleryimage7.s3.amazonaws.com/05159a18354111e3895422000ae81dd2_101.mp4

Choosing soup. Soup season! Soup me up! Ladle the soup on my face I love soup! Fall is the best for sweaters and leaves and bottomless soup occasions. What are your favorite soups and soup recipes? I have been meaning to recreate this amazing creamy chicken and wild rice mushroom tarragon soup that I made about a year ago... it was one of those moments where you perfectly combine like three recipes and it works out beautifully and you are too busy chowing down to write down exactly what you did. Fool! Boy I've been craving that soup lately. Mmmmmm.
That was this week. Here are next week's themes: 
loving, listening, worrying, reading, singing 

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