Five Skin Favorites by a lady in her 30s

Hey guys. Sometimes blogging is like the most natural thing in the world and you're so loaded down with amazing pictures and charming stories that you don't know what to share first. Other times, like lately for me anyway, life is just kind of floating along busily and nicely but just busily enough that the great picture taking moments aren't really happening except on instagram and the charming stories can be condensed into a single Currently post on Thursdays. That's how it's been around here these days. We've been settling into our fall schedule and that's about it. Things are quiet and nice.

One thing I've been meaning to share with you is a list of my favorite beauty products. I read the Bleubird blog and she did this a while back and I really appreciated hearing what was out there that someone who seems to have really good taste in products likes. I even tried the moisturizer she recommended and ended up really loving it (see Mario Badescu below). So maybe this will inspire you? And I would love if you would do a similar post and let us all know what you're using these days. I find word-of-mouth recommendations mean so much more than just grabbing the most nicely packaged thing at Target which is what I used to do.

Who knew I could be so long-winded on beauty products?! Goodness. Ok final thought... As I get older I find that quality and intention of ingredients in what I'm using really make a difference in how my skin looks and feels. I have thin, dryish skin. These are the products I am relying on lately and I recommend them super highly!

Five Skin Favorites by a lady in her 30s

by otandet featuring a face mask

one. Mario Badescu Skin Care beauty product / two. The Body Shop face mask although the one I use is 100% pure brand and I like to mix it with cold yogurt / three. witch hazel Face toner by Humphreys / four. aluminum free & sweet smelling Lavanila deodorant / five. Sibu Beauty face care buckthorn serum although the one I use is by Queen Bee Skin Care

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