two in two weeks

My Loretta Cecille, the fiercest woman I've ever met, will be two in two weeks. This isn't going to be a bittersweet post. I don't have it in me (after touring a KINDERGARTEN for Otto last night I'm all emotionally dried up right about now, let's not even talk about milestones, blargh). But I am thinking about how to ring in her third year. Last year we did a simple birthday picnic, just us and my mom who was visiting, and it was perfect. If the weather allows I'd love to make that a tradition, until she's old enough to start demanding birthday party details, that is.

Here are some sweet things I've seen that would make for an awesome 2nd Birthday Picnic...
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She's been pouring herself into old tutus lately and so I think some less snug dress up clothes would make a perfect second birthday gift. I'm hoping to find some at the consignment shop this weekend, otherwise may have to get out my sewing machine and make a few things.

And that's it. Plus hopefully a little sunshine and music and lots of big smiles from my baby girl. Two is still so small. But up to so much! I'm excited for her, for all the new things she will get up to this year. She's such a little pisspot, so adventurous and bold, she keeps us exasperated but with smiles on our faces. And I just seriously can't believe she's about to turn two.

I mean, come on, where does the time go?

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