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psst. Randalin is taking a few weeks off from regularly scheduled programming in order to wear mesh undies and snuggle the brand new darling Beatrix. While she's away, we have two new co-hosts for Currently.

This week our co-host is Kate of Just Pirouette & Carry On. Muah, Kate! Thank you for co-hosting; I adore you!

So! What have you been liking, thinking, planting, blooming, pinning this week? Over here, we have been...

Liking bread and butter. Oh yum. A couple of weeks ago I tried making this no knead bread recipe from the Bleubird blog, except with whole wheat flour instead. It was a dense disappointment and I've since learned that when it comes to bread you cannot be fast and loose with recipes, which is exactly how I am with every recipe. I am a recipe ho! I love to eyeball measurements and make on-the-fly substitutions and sneak flax and chia into everything. Well bread, it turns out, is a lovely science that cooks like myself are bound to fuck up. So this week I went and redid the whole thing, except I was incredibly careful to measure everything and follow each step. It was actually kind of thrilling to see the bowl with the dough rising, sitting on the counter, as the hours-til-the-oven countdown went by. In the end, we ended up with a delicious, crusty, brown, soft loaf of yummy homemade organic bread.

Thinking too much. It sort of feels like brain panic. Which has me not sleeping enough and looking like a mangy alley cat during the day. It's super annoying.

Planting oh not yet but it's coming! In the mean time we're going to figure out composting, maybe even involve worms! These are not ironic exclamation points! I am so excited to start composting!

Otto and Loretta have been Blooming great sports about the chaos of our homelife lately. This huge oral exam that will either send Rob on his way to the last 2 years of his PhD program **or** on his way to not getting that degree (scary) is happening in a week so we've gone into crunch mode as far as his studying goes. The house looks like a pack of dogs has gone through and strewn everything we own, everywhere. So I guess between the four of us we are: an exhausted student (Rob), a frazzled stray cat (me), and two feral dogs (the two feral ones). Aren't we fantastic?

Pinning has become a therapy for me lately. I'm dreaming of a future not too many days from now when I'll have the time and energy to cook nice things and start a garden and decorate my home and exercise and thrift some great new clothes and craft my little heart out. High hopes! Also, I seriously hope everyone who uses this category for Pinterest links to their account so we can all follow each other. We're all so busy but it would be fun to socialize here and there beyond our blogs, I think.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
declaring, saving, demolishing, sniffing, despising 

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