not our finest hour

There was a time, not crazy long ago, when being forced to take a day to stay home with a sick kiddo would have been a "rise to the occasion" kind of occasion. Instead I started out the day pissed. Not at Loretta, but just at all of it. I didn't want to stay home, I was already dressed and ready for work when we decided someone needed to stay home and because Rob's in a crunch time at school that someone needed to be me.

Loretta is a piss pot. Like she is awesome and amazing and hilarious and sweet sweet sweet. But she is also a pain in the ass. And when she doesn't feel well, she is just awful to be around. She recently discovered "Elmo" (Sesame Street) and stood at the TV screaming, "Elmo!" for exactly 1/2 of a second yesterday morning before I caved in... ordered up every episode of Sesame Street they have, got myself dressed as a pigeon lady, and curled up scowling, next to my scowling girl.

Let's all cross fingers that today > yesterday. xo

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