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The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you! Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host at Harvesting Kale.

This week's themes: craving, cleaning, daydreaming, growing, reading

This week I have been Craving flavored water. I was chugging the delicious stuff at a bridal shower on Saturday and came home craving super cold cucumber, basil, lime water like I've never craved water before. I even broke my "nothing new" resolution to buy a good-sized glass water jug for the fridge to keep my cute-ass water in. No regrets. That's damn good water and the $10 I spent on the jug is way cheaper than how much a certain only other adult in this house spends on bottled beverages each week. Not that I needed a reason. It's a water jug for gersh dernit. Also this kind of coincides with my giving up Coke Zero about a month ago and then all cola products (even the "natural" ones) a couple weeks ago. I'm doing this for not-wanting-cancer and wanting-bone-health reasons. Plus I love making food rules.
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Buy yourself a basil plant, get cucumbers and limes, have a one-man water party it's so good. I promise.

Otto has been Cleaning up a storm. He tidied the kids' toy room and his bedroom over the weekend and actually did a really fantastic job. What?! Amazing. He's going through a categorizing and organizing phase. Laying out all of certain toys, putting things in piles, getting really irritated when Lorettazilla lumbers through a room knocking everything in every direction (and then lately peeing on the floor as a nice final chaos touch, but that's another story). Anyways, he is my little tidy tyke these days and takes great pride in a job well done. I love that. He should be proud of himself, he's the raddest five year old kid I know and I don't mind adding, "good little tidier" to his list of talents.

Myself, I have been Daydreaming about cleaning house. Triple X daydream right? Maybe I should spice it up by daydreaming about cleaning house with Justin Theroux... Whatever. I'm having an unexpected day off on Friday and the plan is to donate every single thing I can bring myself to remove from my house and then take a bucket of soap and water to whatever's left. I feel super overwhelmed lately and decluttering always helps to keep that feeling under control.

Everything in our house has been Growing - string bean children with wolf appetites, piles of clutter, grass that needs mowing, pumpkin vines that stretch twenty feet, mounds of laundry, bills, just name it and it's growing. Things always calm down in September, that's a saying right?

We have been Reading quite a bit these days. Magic Treehouse, Little House, Oz, Flat Stanley, Dahl. We're huge book devourers. I'm on the lookout for a new series to read Otto at bedtime. Suggestions are super welcome please. When did you guys read Harry Potter to your kids? I've been thinking Otto might be ready for the first one but at the same time... I don't know. It's pretty rough and the series gets really dark. Too dark for a kid his age, in my mind. Anyways, we love serials so if you've read any non-snotty, non-violent kids series that you thought were great please let me know. We're on the lookout.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
searching, wearing, needing, moving, eating 

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