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This week's themes: needing, missing, reading, hoping, playing

This week I have been Needing a getaway. Not you, huh? I am the only one who needs a getaway so the universe should just get on it already. I was watching Naked and Afraid (so were you, you know you were!) and it occurred to me that the first few days might just be wonderfully isolated and relaxing... before you start to starve. Just laying in the the shade on a tropical beach, eating and drinking coconuts, spear-fishing in the cool wade pools, lady bits free as a bird now, listening to the hypnotic sounds of the forest monkeys while you doze in a big palm-leaf hammock...

Loretta starts preschool two days a week next week (she'll stay at her babysitter's the other three days) and I have a feeling she won't be Missing a beat fitting in at Otto's Montessori. Miss Etta will be the absolutely youngest and possibly also the loudest kid in the 2 1/2-5 year old classroom. We do have a little bit of how do you say? Pee Fear because the rule is no diapers or even pull-ups at school. Loretta is potty trained... when she wants to be. Sometimes this means waking up with a dry diaper in the morning. Which, right on. But then yelling so fiercely, "no thank you NO THANK YOU NOTHANKYOU!" when asked if she'd like to try a pee on the potty. "Oh let's just try; it could be really awesome," I said the other day and picked her up to deposit her on the potty. She freaked, screaming, grabbed the door jam in mid-air and was hanging there like Harrison Ford, dangling from the gaping hole in the side of a nose-diving airplane. She was like perpendicular to the ground, four feet up, holding on for dear life as I tugged at her legs to get her into the bathroom. Son of a bitch if she was gonna let her body move past that door jam. NOTHANKYOU! So I pried her stubborn little fingers off the edge, one by one, and sat her screaming butt down on the potty and guess what? Pees. Smiles. Declares, "Peepee in the toilet!" and then dances a little peacock pride dance for herself and gives me a thumbs up. I fear for us during her teenage years.

The Ladies Who Book Club has been Reading How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. This book is straight up empowering. Not in a, "Burn your bras! Yell at bra-wearers!" kind of way, but in a really smart, super funny, and raw and poignant kind of way. I relate to this insecure, but also incredibly secure, snarky, empathetic, cool, jaded, hopeful, exasperated, wise woman so completely. The conversations we've been having in the book club since starting this book have become highlights of many of my days.

Otto is Hoping for a snack. Can he have a snack? Like right now? Can he have one please? He said to Rob the other day, "Don't worry about ruining my dinner; I am almost always hungry." It's true. That lanky, bigfoot, toehead is a bottomless pit. I feel like my life has become a commercial for bagel bites or something where the boy is just constantly poking around the freezer with his growing boy sized gangly arms and eating non-stop snacks 24 hours a day while the mom stands at the counter putting away a big bag of groceries with a knowing grin, rolling her eyes because Boys! I don't mind it, it's just notable.

And we've all been Playing legos and duplos this week. Like mad! Legos are actually the best toy ever invented.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
loving, craving, demanding, questioning, worrying 

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