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This week's themes: calling, lighting, making, watching, planning

Last week I was Calling for greater meaning and it's kind of weird but I think a little bit of greater meaning may have found me. My former neighbor and forever friend once told me that when I needed help in this world I needed to ask "the helpers." Just put it out there, out loud, to the universe, what I wanted, yell it, cry it, ugly cry it, just release it, and that the helpers would find me. Well, she's never been wrong. Whenever I've done that and let things out of my heart I've been able to find a way through and today a friend approached me to be involved in a local project for the Special Olympics in our area. It's many months away which means we can do a lot to make this fundraising event a huge success and I'm very excited to help however I can. Thanks Kate, for the advice, and thanks helpers for helping me find one way to make a difference, and thanks Emily for just being amazing and letting me be a part of your amazingness.

Today I was Lighting my head up with stars, and it's too bad that's not cool-mom talk for anything neat or fun. A big piece of plexiglass fell on my head. Wow, there's really no. cool. way. to say that. So... I got to chit chat about Tim Gunn with an EMT for a bit and Rob made dinner tonight so I could take it easier. I guess those were the high points. Now we're waiting to see if I have a concussion and I'm wondering if I'm writing this post lucidly or if, come tomorrow, I'll realize it's all a;la sl=k ja193g;lka edkrr!

Loretta has been Making us crazy asking, "Why?" I subscribe to the Eleanor Roosevelt School of Answering Children's Questions. If it's a question about the world, you answer it, however annoying. I think "Why?" falls under that category but holy man is it annoying. It's like:

"Loretta, be careful on that stool or you might fall off it again and bump your head again.


"Because we don't want you to have fun in life. Our cautions are meant to keep you down. Yes, they're arbitrary and unreasonable but you must obey because this is a dictatorship. Bahahahahaha!" Except not that.

Otto has been Watching some great retro kids movies for the first time and it's like magic to see him captivated by movies that we loved as kids. We watched "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" recently and it's like his brain exploded with joy and then my brain exploded with joy watching him and then Loretta tried to climb on the stool and we reminded her to be careful and she said, "Why?"

We've started Planning for Fall and I never thought I'd say this but I'm ready. Life is quieter in Fall. Schedules are boringer. Scarves make all your outfits look like you're stylish. Baileys in coffee re-becomes appropriate. I'm ready Fall. Let's do this.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
needing, missing, reading, hoping, playing 

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