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This week's themes: searching, wearing, needing, moving, eating

This week I have been Searching for greater meaning. I know sometimes I come on here and talk about farts or cupcakes or whatever but lately I've been feeling this need to do something more... for my community. For humanity. It's like if each of us just did a little bit more... what could we accomplish? Who could we help? There are so many people in this world who could use a leg up. I need to figure out how to be useful beyond a donation here or there. To be continued... hopefully soon...

We have all been Wearing old clothes and looking like bohemians. Luckily that's the rage these days so everyone just thinks we're hipsters. Or at least that's what I tell myself ::nervous laughter:: Like Otto's cutoffs are actual cutoffs... of pants... that were used pants to begin with. I would say I'm looking forward to wearing fall layers, except I refuse to admit summer will ever end because that's when Oregon goes "All Summer in a Day" and I start crying in the shower for no reason on the regular. So... there's that.

Loretta has been Needing to tell us stories lately and it's just great. She's graduated from short sentences to garbled narratives with punchlines and everything. Her favorite story to tell is about how at a party we went to a few weekends ago this little boy kept trying to hug her and she wouldn't let him. The story sounds like this, "Doobadoo boy! And bubuh hug! And doobadoo no thank you!" Then she smiles and puts her hands in the air and it's the cutest thing in the history of all time.

Time has been Moving so quickly this summer and I'm a little bit freaking out to think that Otto starts kindergarten in just a couple of weeks and Loretta will be starting at Otto's school too (it's a Montessori so he'll be in elementary this year which what?!?!). She'll be starting at the youngest level just a couple days a week. We just decided, after a lot of soul searching, that we'll be keeping Otto at his school for at least one more year and not transitioning him to public school which was the original plan. Public school here is half day kindergarten and that's just difficult and honestly not enough. So I'm a little bit freaking out that my kid is an old man and time is passing but I'm also excited for all this coming year will bring our family, everything my little peanuts will learn, and for Loretta to go ahead and lock in potty training, never poop on the couch again sweet darling!, and hopefully stop smearing all her utensils on my arm at every meal while she's at it.

Speaking of smearing spoonfuls of sesame noodles on my arm... We have been Eating super simple meals lately and this recipe for sesame noodles is my favorite find. Easy as anything, kids gobbled it, cost like eleven cents or something because every ingredient except the green onions was already in my pantry. ps. I used apple cider vinegar because it's what I had and I left out the chili paste and us grownups just did our own spicing with sriracha and it was still fantastic.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
calling, lighting, making, watching, planning 

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