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This week's themes: 
learning, eating, wanting, reading, listening

This week I've been Learning how to hand-stamp fabric and do block prints. It's crazy intimidating but it's been something I've wanted to do forever. So far all of my experiments with potato printing and making-do with the supplies that are around have shown me that they sell block-printing supplies for a reason. I'm excited to get some linoleum and a roller this weekend and try for my first prints good enough to heat-set.

Look what you can do with blockprints, even if your artistic skills cap out at very impressive stick figures (like me)...
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We have been Eating spring/summer foods a bit more this past week or so. What with all the sunshine and 60s-ish days we've had. Any meal that can be had on a blanket in the back yard is a winner meal in our book. Sandwiches, fruit, Pandora blasting from the porch. The kids love backyard picnics just as much as Rob and I do.

I am Wanting our tax return, student loan disbursement, and a paycheck stat. Complaining about money is only kinda my jam (I mean, it all works out eventually) but in the past week Rob has had to front the fare for 3 plane tickets including one to London this summer! Aside from my total and utter envy - that is not mean-spirited but you guys, London - that he gets to travel to cool places and take little breaks from all the crazy that is life with a 6 and 3 year old, even if it is to go do math... well that's just a lot of dough to cough up for anybody. They'll reimburse us by Christmas (Universities are on island time like whoa) but in the meantime it's a good thing we're all down with picnic meals because it's tofurkey dogs and apple slices for dinner til some funding hits!

Otto is Reading everything. I mean EVERYTHING. He's blasting through the readers at school. Reading every sign he sees. Reading chapter books over my shoulder (which means I can't get away with skipping the boring stuff anymore ::pours a stiff one::). Raising voracious readers who are also incredibly sympathetic to their fellow humans and have excellent senses of humor is pretty much my goal in life so to say I'm proud of him would be a huge understatement. And me... I've been reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (thank you Regina!) and I can't put it down. I'm halfway through after less than a week which is unheard of for this early evening narcoleptic mama. It's just fascinating. The science is fascinating. The human story is fascinating. The politics. Just all of it. I recommend it to everyone.

We have been Listening to a lot of dance music lately. Otto's obsession with Call Me Maybe continues. Loretta has a second song (beyond Let it Go) that she will "allow" and it's Shake it Off. I can live with this. Kitchen dance parties make the world go around, right?

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
loving, showing, shopping, making, choosing 

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