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The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host Randalin of Kale & Beans.

This week's themes: 
setting, using, watching, choosing, imagining

This week I've been Setting the alarm a little later. Night showers are where it's at. I recently made the switch and it feels like I get to sleep in AND have a less busy time trying to get ready in the morning. Night showers. Amen.

Loretta (who will be 3 in less than a week WHUT THU FUUUUU) has been Using so many more words and we feel even more coming. She gets a little stutter right before she's about to introduce like 5,000 new words/phrases into her vocabulary and that's what she's been doing all week. And every time her speech advances she becomes a more pleasant person to live with. Words. Amen.

For like 6 months I was Watching absolutely nothing and now we have like 3 whole shows. Broad City! Walking Dead! Better Call Saul! Last Man on Earth! And considering The Slap! Ok, that's like 4 1/2. Watching all the shows and eating ice cream mixed with high fiber oat rings. I burn the candle at both ends!

Otto just caught up with 2012 and has been Choosing to listen to Call Me Maybe about five thousand times a day. Just do with that what you will. It's cool. It's cool.

We are Imagining life in a year and a half and it's a big question mark. Rob will graduate in 2016 and then we'll move wherever he gets work. Having such a big ??? on the horizon is a super crazy thing to contemplate. It's exciting and it's freaking me out. But in a good way. But laced with anxiety. One thing I've noticed myself doing is pre-distancing my emotions from the things in our house. For like ten years I've been daydreaming about replacing our towels (dare to have the sexy daydreams, ladies) and suddenly it's like who the eff cares. It all feels transient right now. Semi-permanent is a really trippy way to feel.

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
learning, eating, wanting, reading, listening 

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