Last night Loretta went to sleep a 2-year old and this morning she will wake up 3. I think because yesterday was such a busy one for her, and she didn't nap (thank you very much), and daylight savings (ugh), she's still sleeping away this morning when most days by 6am she's been up and at 'em and had three breakfasts by this hour. 

Oh my little girl. I just love you. You love pink and purple and extremely tacky jewelry. You insist on squishing your pants and shirts up to your knees and elbows. You question me about what's for dinner every afternoon and weigh judgement, "Oh that sounds really yummy!" or "My not want that." You sleep in princess dresses and tutus and love to read books and play duplos. You can color and draw like nobody's business and lately you love to draw monsters. Really impressive monsters. Your motto is, "My do it." and I believe that you will do whatever you set out to in life, little fierce one. You're tough and beautiful and smart and amazing. You make us laugh so much. You're a huge pain in the ass. Welcome to three, my darling darling girl. 

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