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This week's themes: 
loving, showing, shopping, making, choosing

Rob and I heard the hullabaloo about Jinx and have been Loving burning through a 6-part documentary in the past three days. We were trying to beat the spoilers and Rob succeeded but I found out and it didn't ruin a thing. What a crazy ass story.

Otto is excited to be Showing his best dance moves off next month at the spring talent show. He'll be performing to Smooth Criminal and we're trying to convince him of the importance of choreography, at least a wee little bit of choreography. He's pretty sure he should get up there and let the beat move him. Which, cool. Except that all of his teachers and fellow students get to see Otto freestyle pretty much every single day in aftercare. So we'll see, we'll see. He's 6 and is brave enough to dance solo in front of basically everyone he knows. So I'm mainly proud as hell. But still pushing a lil bit o' the choreography. Just a smidge :)

I am looking forward to a Costco Shopping trip this weekend. What have I become?

Otto has requested cinnamon raisin cous cous, which he had at school and went nuts over. So I guess that we'll be Making something new next week. I need to find out the recipe from his teacher because I am on the extreme low end of cous cous experience so... am kind of hoping whoever brought it to share with the elementary class picked it up from a local deli and we can be "buying" instead of making this one! I have also been Making most of Loretta's pants into shorts...

Loretta has been Choosing to squash her pants up over her knees every single day. This started as an occasional thing a few weeks ago and has become an obsession. She is such an intense little person and she wants to wear shorts, so that's it. Shorts or the highway! By that I mean that if the pants won't stay up over the knee they get left on the floor and we see a little full moon running around. So! I've been hemming away on her pants, creating all kinds of shorts for her. I don't love most of them. Honestly, I have never been a huge shorts person. But cut-offs I can get into. So I'm thinking of hand-distressing, dying, etc. some little cutoffs for her. I might as well turn this shorts thing into a fun project, right?

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
eating, feeling, picturing, wearing, loving 

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