Easy Disposable Snack "Bowl"

I took Otto to his first movie on my birthday last week.

We saw the documentary "Babies" and he had a great time; we both did!

Getting ready for the outing I knew I needed to prepare a Movie Theater Survival Kit including things like a pacifier, sippy cup, bag of snacks, etc. But I was concerned that Otto would drop his snack bowl on the theater floor and didn't want to deal with any fumbling around in the dark. So I decided to cut the top 2/3 off of a half dozen brown paper bags. I recycled the tops and threw the bottoms (aka the "bowls") in the survival kit. During the movie, I poured small portions of crackers, cereal, and dried fruit into a "bowl", unworried about anything dropping because if it did I would just go for another disposable "bowl" right away.

At the end of the movie, Otto had only gone through a single snack "bowl" which we tossed in the bin along with my nacho tray. A total success! Hey, I got to eat movie theater nachos, that's a stellar day in my book no matter what else happens.

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