A Simple, Fun Twist on Eggs w/ Toast

If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for new, easy recipes to entice your kid(s) to eat healthy foods and to try new things. One recipe I've found that goes over like gangbusters with my toddler is Eggs in a Basket. Simply put, you're cooking the egg directly into the toast by making a cavity in the center of the toast for the egg to sit while cooking. The end product is cute, healthful, and yummy.

I purposefully make a very sloppy version that allows the egg whites to run onto most of the bread - which means every bite has a little bread and a little egg. I've also stirred the egg before pouring and mixed in some chopped spinach a few times (and managed to add some veggie nutrition to the mix). My son is "tall and skinny with a big head" - as his doctor put it - so I have no issues frying in butter... but a nice thing about this recipe is that there are just no rules; it's so tweakable. If you have a little Martha Stewart in your blood, you could make the shape that holds the egg something very cute, like a heart, star, mickey mouse head, daisy, and on and on...

At my house, we cut the finished product up into bite-sized pieces of "eggy bread" and Otto just loves it.

Below are a couple of links with more official recipes for this breakfast treat.



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