Do You Remember Play With Your Parents?

Warning: This is like a semi-mopey, emo blog post because I. Can't. Remember. and it's freaking me out. I remember a handful of random, one-off occasions (ps. look at how cute I was, awwwww):

The few I can think of are all amazing memories, but it's just weird to me, meditating on this topic lately, that these are the only real memories I can come up with of being a kid and just goofing off, having fun, and playing with my parents. I wonder, did they not play with us? I doubt this, but... Or, so, did they and it's just that I don't remember? If so, that sucks.

I wonder what I'm just not remembering. Come on brain, what are you missing? Stupid brain.

Obviously I'm obsessing on this because of Otto. I live to play with him, to dance with him, to get down on the floor and play trucks or splash in the kiddie pool or do Mr. Potato Head. Will he remember? Does it matter if he doesn't? Gah, I'm so emo! What is my problem? But really, when I think of playing as a child I think of being alone in my room, or with my little brother, or running around the neighborhood with other kids... I don't think of my mom or dad at all, not for a second. 

So, I mean, I don't want to be this creepy Norman Bates' mom-lady hovering all over Otto's childhood, but how can I help it?! I mean, it's where I want to be, it's what I want to be doing! Someday soon there's gonna come a time when he's playing and he won't want me there, he won't need me to be a part of it, and what am I going to do? Cry? Butt in? Yeah, I think I'm going to cry and maybe butt in.

And for now I'm going to be a helicopter mom! Whoohoo Helicopter Lindsey! And I'm going to sponge up every second of it, of getting to just "be" with my awesome little man!

So, is it just me? What do you remember about playing with your parents? Loads of good stuff? Or are you like me and coming up blank? Ugh. 



Anonymous said...

totally serious? i "come up blank" all the time. i have never been able to figure out why? my siblings remember so much more than me. i'm a little excited that it's not just me.

Liam's Mr. Mom said...

The same here! My wife always ask me what I remember from when I was a child and she can't believe that I don't remember really anything from my early years... Thanks for the post! Makes me feel a little better! :-)

PoetessWug said...

Very thought-provoking post. I remember my mom, one time, shooting marbles out of a circle in the dirt outside with us, and one time jumping rope. But mostly I remember spending time with her when she was teaching us stuff and junk! Hmmmm....! ^_^

OT and ET said...

Thanks for the comments, all of you guys! It's so funny what we don't remember about years and years of our lives - formative years! And what I do remember is weird. Like this one night when I was about 7 my mom rented a horror movie "Vamp" and we had a slumber party, just us 2 and watched it from sleeping bags in the living room and we got so scared we ended up hiding behind the sofa and watching it from peeking out behind the sofa. I know, probably something a modern mom wouldn't do, but it was the funnest night ever! And then I draw a blank, memory-wise, for like 3 years, haha.