In Retrospect, Yellow Was a Stupid Color to Choose For a Tie-Dye Project

The before shot:

Some of Otto's G-Diapers were looking pretttty tired so I thought I'd be a go-getter and give them a hippy makeover. But like a chump I picked out a sunshine yellow dye and ended up, well, with this crap:

Poor Otto. Yes, he will be wearing these tragedies and no I don't have money for more dye right now! But when I do, I'm thinking a rich brown might be pretty. What do you think?



Jessi said...

I love the idea, but do you think brown and diaper mix? It might look like he's soiled himself when it's actually clean. Just a thought.

How about blue or green?

PoetessWug said...

Pretty "forward-Thinking".....Nah! Back to the drawing board! LOL But at least you know for next time. Even my mistakes with colors when I'm crocheting are 'learning' moments! So.....! ^_^

OT and ET said...

@Jessi haha! You just made me realize I was planning on dying Ot's diapers brown on top of yellow! Ewww, what is wrong with me?! Hahaha! Thank you for opening my eyes, whoa!

@PW heart you! Yep, this was definitely a learning moment!

Amy Lehrman said...

hehe...I thought you must have been joking about the brown. I vote for blues and greens and purples.

Have you tried washing them though? I'm always afraid the do-it-yourself dyes will bleed onto other laundry with each and every load. If you know a way to make the color stay well, maybe just do a solid dark color over them?

You could also try out fabric paint to make little decorations/drawings on them. I used that for Alexander's Charlie Brown shirt (the black zig-zag) and it seems to wash really well.

OT and ET said...

Thanks, Amy! I really like the fabric paint idea A LOT and actually have some fabric paints around here somewhere that I'd forgotten about. As for the dye bleed, I really don't have any tricks. I'm a little TOO seat-of-my-pants about these kinds of projects. But I think it'll be fine. I usually only wash diaps w/ towels & other things I don't care too much about. But will keep you posted after I redo the tie-dye (I'm thinking blue might be best bet, except for on the orange diap).

Aleksandra Nearing said...

LOL live and learn, right?