Thrift Score!

Few things make me happier than scoring something really really super unique and awesome for Otto and paying, like, nothing for it. Twice recently we've gotten some amazing "thrift scores" and I just wanted to share.

We found this Ryan's Room fire station set at the Tucson new/used children's boutique, Lil' Traders.  It's in near-perfect condition and came with a firehouse, firetruck, 8 firefighters, and loads of furniture and accessories. It's almost entirely made of wood!

I looked it up online and had we purchased this new it would have cost about $150! Lil' Traders was selling the whole caboodle for $33 and we used trade credit to buy it so our out of pocket cost was $0.

$0 = Score!

My friend Kate, who is also a contributer to this blog, found this Radio Flyer Retro Rocket at the thrift store. It needed a spit-shine but is now in perfect condition including all the buttons for sounds, nifty thrifty! I looked it up online and had we purchased this new it would have cost about $50-70! Kate thrift scored it for $5 - hot damn!

$5 = Score!

What are your all-time favorite thrift scores? I have so many but these are my most recent triumphs. My all-time fave, though, was a lime green Kurt Cobain-style cardigan I got in the 11th grade for $2!



PoetessWug said...

Way to thrift...You and Kate!!! :-)

Lindsay said...

Thrifting is FUN!!! You got some great buys! Woot!

OT and ET said...

Thanks guys! Woot woot! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are some great finds! Thanks for the follow!

jenny said...

its always fun to find things in 2nd hand stores thats where i get most of my good's not olny that but you get more for your money if you know just what your looking for i know that well a lot of things i have in my home if well thay came from a store like walmart or some well store like that my things could cost a lot of money. and some times you even find brand new things in 2 nd hand stores like well i found a lag magic in walmart thay wanted like 90 for it but i well got it for30brand new in the box nothing missing from itso thats just one of the grate bye's i goting from 2nd hand stores

Abby Green said...

Totally inspired by your sweet fireman table, I went to Lil' Traders for the first time on Monday! I was talking with the owner for quite a while and told her that I read your blog and that is what brought me there...and she gave me a $2.50 off coupon! So...thank you! :)

OT and ET said...

Abby that is so awesome! You and a couple other moms mentioned this post to Lil Traders & they've since generously offered to do a special coupon and a giveaway for Tucson parents through the blog! So thank YOU so much for mentioning! I'm hoping to get the details together soon so, well, yay! :D

Anonymous said...

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