Wordless... Egg Pan Standoff, Day 8 (aka I'd rather grow salmonella than clean another "F"ing egg pan I didn't create)



Jessi said...

This is awesome! Viva la resistance!

Monkey Toes said...

haha! this is our house, except we generate 2 (yes, count em - TWO) egg pans per morning. (I'm totally being the topper right now) I eat an egg every morning - a nice over easy egg. while the hubs jacks up the pans and burns the egg all over the place with his 4 (yes, FOUR), plus an extra egg white, scrambled egg mess. It is miserable to get off the pan. In fact, we've scraped so much of that non-stick off our pans, they are no longer non-stick. They are stick to everything pans. And usually there are chunks of egg in everything else we cook in those pans. Oh well.... gotta love them! (the eggs, not our men)

Ellia C. Naturals said...

Must be a guy thing...I always clean the egg pans while they are still warm (lots less mess!). Hubs always fills it with water and dumps it in the sink...as if it will wash itself!!

OT and ET said...

Thanks guys! Nice to know I'm not the only one fighting the good fight. Normally I'd just take it in the chin and clean it (that's the norm) but this time I really wanted to take a stand, play "chicken", and see if the pan would eventually be cleaned! Um, yeah, no. So I'm probably gonna go ahead and take care of that tomorrow. But wanted to photograph the evidence first.


Alana said...

HA! I love that you did this.
I had a roommate who lived with us (3 other girls) and she was a slob and never cleaned up. So we left her dishes in her bedroom on her bed. Yeah, she moved out!

SingleMamaRants said...

I love it! BE STRONG MAMA!

Jen said...

Oh. my. god. You have got to break the cycle with Otto. That kid is gonna learn how to wash dishes, mop floors, and fold clothes!

Jaimie said...

oh my god i lov this!! i do this too! cept normally i cave pretty quick.. (OCD, the dishes scream at me from the other room) haha.. keep up the fight momma! let us kno how it turns out!!

Unknown said...

LOL this is too funny except it's something my hubby would do to me!

OT and ET said...

A little follow up. I had to clean my whole house tonight because my mom's staying over to help out with Otto while I'm in Flahhhhrida and I totally cleaned the pan. 9 day standoff and I lost! But I think Rob lost too, because I outed the crap out of him! haha! Thanks for all the support ladies! I wish I could have hung tough for you but my mom would have judged me on that one, BIG TIME! :D

Unknown said...

This may be the post post of all time. Seriously. Ever! Good for you. This should be a linky or blog hop type deal. Ill make a video of myself hurling my husbands sneakers off the porch and into the woods!

Have you tried whacking him with the frying pan? Just a light tap to start off :OD

Rebecca said...

Love this!

Jaimie said...

Oh i know that one.. My mother would have washed it while scolding me about not keeping up on my house.

lol.. While laughing at me. She laughs at me alot.

I read this while i was with her.. She asked what i was scowling at, and I just looked at her, "Damn you mothers! You ruin ALL the fun!"

..She's still laughing... :)

Anonymous said...

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