Full Moon

Tonight Otto was wound up like an 8-day clock. Rob gave me a little shit for saying that earlier. He told Otto (for my benefit), "wow, sometimes your mom really says cool things like she's from the 1800s."

"It's a saying," I defended. And I'm right, it IS a saying. (But I think it might be from the 1800s.)

So here we are at the end of Otto's first week at preschool. Le sigh. But really, let's raise a glass! It's gone well. On Wednesday and Friday he did get stressed and cry a bit as we were dropping him off. His teachers suggested we bring in a photo of our family for him to carry around during the day for reassurance. We did that for today and they said he carried it around alllll day long. There's even a picture of him laying down with it propped up next to him at naptime. (I can't wait til they send me that pic) Very sweet.

I think Ot may have hit max capacity today on the adjusting-to-preschool thing, though. He kind of went apeshit berserk this evening. I took him to the grocery store with me and he was like a wild, yowly little squirrel monkey freakshow. Like a mogwai that ate all kinds of fried chicken after midnight. Not whiney, not even sour, just completely freaking bonkers. He pulled my hair, which I can't even tell you how much I hate that. Mother-effing-ouch! He pulled my hair like six times. Each time I was so dead serious, "let go." And then I'd tell him, "that really hurts." I told him, "pull your hair to see how it hurts" and here's where you know someone snuck your kid crack, he looked at me with this crazy, wide-eyed smiley face, grabbed a chunk of his bangs, and pulled as hard as he could for like 30 seconds, totally smiling the whole time. 


I was like, "Stop, Wild Thing, I don't want you to hurt mommy or yourself!"

In the parking lot we spotted the full moon up in the sky, and pointed to it, and Otto said, "moooon," and I thought, "well that's probably part of it." Full moon night, plus a tumultuous week with a new schedule, new environment, and new people (without mom and dad there) to adjust to, and add in a teeny pathetic little nap today...

But dinner was peaceful (maybe a little extra goofy) ... and bedtime was by-the-book ... and now he sleeps. And I smile. Goodnight moon.



Anonymous said...

Ouch! Bean was at the same early childhood center from 6mths - 2 years as Otto. We really liked it.
The good news about the full moon gremlins is that the moon is now waning. I'm all for a waning moon.

mamaclare said...

lol this is where you know someone snuck your kid crack...
I've been wondering who does that.

Aleksandra Nearing said...

I SWEAR I have trouble sleeping when there's a full moon. Maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Who knows. The moon was super gorgeous on my drive to work at 630am on Friday!

OT and ET said...

It sounds like we're all feeling a little full moon craziness, so even though it's lovely I'm with Rachel "all for a waning moon" !