Mummy Tummy November - Rock Your Body!

Same pic for months, still not me, but slowly making progress!
#MummyTummy is my online workout club for moms (or anybody) on Twitter. I send you 4 dedicated #mummytummy tweets per day - each one a reminder to do a set of 20 crunches, situps, or whatever ab workout you're comfortable with.

And Then There Was #MumBum
One day abs, the next, SQUATS! That's right, the dreaded squats, deal with it whiner, and you'll be glad you did! You can thank Jenny from Jenny Loves This for your soon-to-be-firmer butt.

Rock Your Body!
In honor of #MummyTummy and #MumBum November I'd like to veejay a song for you. Because I want Justin Timberlake to want to rock my body (ahem, don't you?), but right now he so wouldn't want to rock my love handles (I mean, Jessica and Cameron so do NOT rock the love handles).

You could even add cardio by dancing to a JT song every day. What? It's a thought. Be a go-getter.

Sign up For MummyTummy November! Bring Your Sexy Back!
Just comment below with your Twitter name and from now through November 30 I'll tweet you 4x a day! And don't stress it, we're all busy with lives, there's no penalty for skipping a set or a day. This is just a fun way to motivate each other and even make new Twitter connections.

Take my order cause your body gonna be like a Carry Out!


Momo said...

Ok I'm back to get my tummy in tip top shape for the holidays. Twitter name @momobaby

Alana said...

Im in.... @mamainlalaland
Be nice though. My back is still whack!

OT and ET said...

This is me signing myself up!


OT and ET said...

On behalf of @CrunchyVTMommy


Wendy said...

I'm in! Wouldn't miss it for the world.


Sweet Harper said...

Be there or be square! @sweetharper

Ellia C. Naturals said...

Oh yeah...count me in!

Anonymous said...


MojoMama said...

I'm totally up for November!! Sign me up! @MojoMamaBlog

Unknown said...

Ok, Ok, I'm in. I couldn't make it through November without some more of the #mumbum !

Heather said...

Sign me up for them all and whip me into shape!


Unknown said...

Thanks for signing me up!

Monkey Toes said...

I'm in!!! @jenny_lovesthis

thanks for ROCKIN MY WORLD!

Diana Stone said...

Love this! @lifeasaSAHM