is that a baby in your belly or do you just eat too much chocolate?

 ummmm... both?
bu bu bump! i can't believe 3+ months from now this little lady will be making her appearance. i'm starting to go crazy trying to think of the perfect name. rob and i do NOT have the same taste in names at alllllll. but i really want to come up with a name we both love and then lock it in already. like really really badly. and i want to order Otto and baby matching embroidered Pottery Barn stockings! ugh! i'm making a sour lemon face right now...


so we had a really awesome saturday! it was chilly but not cold and only rained in the evenings. so we took ourselves to the park. how pretty is oregon (and my kiddo)? I mean seriously...

Ot is working on his pedal skills. it's not so easy when you're a little guy! and we totally forgot his helmet at home so he got lots of assistance this time cuz we were afraid to let go. but he's getting the knack though. it'll be a bittersweet moment when he can finally get that bike going without us. yay and boo.

in other yays, rob volunteered to go on a pregnancy run for me tonight. i came home craving a serious chocolate bar and we have nothing around this crud hole that will satisfy so i'm totally getting the pregnant lady pamper treatment tonight! here is my "grocery list" : king size (or 2) dark chocolate w/ almonds candy bar(s). i can't wait til he actually makes this run. it's gonna be a down and dirty chocolate bar make-out session!


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