Mama Steez - Life's a Coast

Egad I'm already annoyed doing this post and I haven' even started yet! When I changed jobs I had to send my old, snuggly computer back and inherited Rob's ollllld, POS laptop to take its place. Boo. I hate typing on laptops. I hate doing anything on laptops! It's like one of fifteen teeny reasons why I haven't gathered the strength to get back in the blog habit since The Great Gall Bladder Fail of 2011.

Reason number one being that I am pregnant! That's like a really great excuse to get out of anything right? As-of this weekend I am 23 weeks and let me tell ya, wayyyy bigger than I'm about to appear in the following Mama Steez pics. These are about 7 weeks ago and were taken at the tail end of my gall bladder diet that lost me almost 15 pounds in about 5 weeks. I'm back up those 15 pounds and dudes, it's all belly (and butt and, fun-ly, one boob more than the other one). But anyways, this is from the last time I actually Stepped Out on a Saturday. We went to the beach (sigh, remember the sun? I kinda do.) And it was all kinds of glorious. And then I was told that now that I live in Oregon we don't say "beach" we say "coast". Cuz everything's hipper in Oregon, even sand! So without further, here's what I wore...

top: Old Navy. scarf: from a street vendor in Paris jeans: c/o Denizen 

Coming soon: belly shots. I promise! I just need to wrap my head around the fact that this pain-in-the-ass laptop is my computer now. ::bangs head on desk::  Oh and IT'S A GIRL! Eek! Otto is so so so so so excited to be a big brother. He told me, "I will protect the baby from mud balls." ::heart leaps into mouth:: He is also ready to teach her how to eat cereal and color and sing songs. I'm so glad he's into this big brother thing. He's such a sweet heart.

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