h a double-l o double-u double-e n

what? i'm not that late with the halloween pics. and really? (if i do say so myself) it was worth the wait for these puppy/fireman shots. cutest puppy/fireman ever! we had such an amazing night. Ot was a hard core trick or treating fool. only semi-worried that he'd get rocks instead of candy after watching The Great Pumpkin Thursday night.
and then my favorite part, the puppy butt...
i'll do a separate post soon of the Etsy shop that was amaaaazing enough to custom make Otto this hat and tail for the costume. it's like the cutest hat shop of all tiiiiime ::sung in a super high-pitched voice:: !!! then i just ran some wire through the tail so it would stick out a bit and sewed it to the fireman's coat. we got the fireman costume and rain boots both at Target. double-awesomeness is that the hat and boots are totally wearable on the daily, and in chilly, rainy Eugene they will get lots and lots of use this winter.

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