otto makes me smile; otto is a stylish dinosaur

it's been official since the day he was born: my kid is my all time favorite person on the freaking planet. one of his favorite things lately is making up stories and lyrics to songs. he'll sit down with a deck of alphabet flash cards and make up a story for us using every picture in the deck "there was a Boy and he got an Xray and then he went to the park and lost his Hat and the Zebra ate his Pear..." geeeenius! adorabbbble! other words of excitement all drawwwwwwn out! for reals, he destroys me. also a constant source of awesomeness, he loves to dance party. pssst. this is one of our favorite songs lately: Islands: Creeper

ps. on the above, whoa, ok, video not appropriate for kids. that tar guy and wax guy? uncool islands, uncool. i thought it was a love song? nooooo. it's about breaking and entering. oh well, good dance jam. whatchagonnado?

so the chicklet was looking especially dapper recently on our photo-takin stairs...

on ot: button-up and jacket (baby gap), jeans (H&M), shoes (crocs).

random thoughts: he's so rad. he's gonna be such an awesome big brother. i was kinda hoping i'd have my baby on leap day but now i pretty much doubt it. i wish i had some dark chocolate almond bark right about now. or a big avocado. i have neither. meh. and my feet hurt. i'm tired. we need to sweep those stairs.

that's all i got. happy leap day tomorrow friends!

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Jaimie said...

Ooooooh dark chocolate... Yum! :) btw? That songs pretty darn dope... Downloaded and added to the playlist... ChaCHING! Thanx for that my dear! :)