❤ thrifting thursday ❤

applique dress/top for baby: ninety cents

so we were pretty sure tuesday night that baby Loretta was on her way! huge false alarm. mehhhhh.

i did have an appointment with the birth center/midwife today and i'm 3-4 cm dilated and 60% effaced so that's heartening, but doesn't really mean anything or put a timeline on this. could be tonight, could be next week. gah! i'm so impatient! i just want this baby already. me = OVER being pregnant. being pregnant is sooo last week.

soooo... to take my mind off pregnancy limbo, i got myself out of the house today and participated in Mandy of The Haps' thrifting thursday.

i had two hours all to myself and was fueled by a half-shamrock, half-strawberry McShake (i am a genius! amazing milkshake concoction! delish!). that shake must've had a little magic in it because for $12.50 i found six things for little Etta, vintage shoes for Otto that fit him perfectly, a children's book that is near to my heart, and even a dress for mama (not for today, but maybe for a couple months from now, spanx-allowing).
flashback: 1982

reading the Monster at the end of this Book to Otto five times this afternoon while he kicked his chubs legs over the edge of the bed, sporting his GASS shoes, was such a flashback to my childhood. that book is the funniest thing. with each page i would look at Ot like, "what should we do?" and he would laugh and say, "turn the page!" so silly. so fun!
vintage or otherwise frilly items for baby Etta including hand-made baby bell-bottoms 

i even found a little something for me. it was actually $5, the most expensive thing, and i hesitated like crazy because i couldn't try it on and even though i really (like really really) love it and it says it's a size 10... i think in the late 60s/early 70s when it was made a size 10 was more like a size 6 today. anyways, i'm pregnant, who knows what my body's gonna be up to in a few months. i'm hoping! hope hope hoping! that this will fit. don't you think it'd be so great for work with a cardi or jacket and some tall brown boots.
$12.50 for everything feels like the score of the century! even if the dress ends up not fitting (but i really hope it does fit). and it got me out of the house today and my mind off this whole why-baby-stay-inside-me-want-baby-outside-::grunt:: business. at least for a couple of milkshake fueled hours.

ok, so harness your psychic powers and please zap me with labor vibes!


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