just insta-tidbits

shhhh, don't tell rob, but instagram is totally my boyfriend.

this week in the Muth household was just nuts. i'm slowly getting used to being back at work and our new schedule. i wake up every day at 5, drop Loretta off at her babysitter at 7, work til 4, pick her up, home for dinner and kid time, Otto goes to bed at 7, i pass out around 9, rinse, repeat. that shit cray.

but! i have pretty pics of all the fun, lovey, awesome stuff that managed to make its way into the cray. instagram and i are SO getting matching tattoos...

in short: i enjoyed the crap out of my kids as much as i could. i got a haircut! Otto loves Etta. i need to clean my house like stat. and it's finally, FINALLY getting a little sun shiny here in gloomy ole Eugene. big plans to spend as much time as possible outside this weekend.

hey, if you wanna find me on instagram i'm "otandet" let's cute-photo-stalk each other :)

so i'm intimidated by this new schedule of ours. it's honestly too much. it's exhausting. but it's also manageable (i guess, i hope) and temporary. rob will be out of school for the summer in June and then we can reconfigure. in the mean time, i just wanna soak in Loretta's new babyhood and Otto's three-and-a-quarter-hood as much as possible in the hours that i have with them. time is so so precious. 

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